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How to install a DMB season database file
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How to copy your DMB databases from a previous version

How to copy your Encyclopedia database from a previous version 

How to set up a season replay with Diamond Mind Baseball


New! Version 12a Patch Information

New! 2022 Stats and DMB UIDs for debut players

Version 12 Enhancements

2020: A most interesting season

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Evaluating defense

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Common Season Database Information

Rating The Players

Compiling Real-life Player Transactions

Research Articles

Revisiting Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, July/2006

The ones that got away, Sept/2003

Can pitchers prevent hits on balls in play? July/2003

Bullpens: How consistent? How important? May/2003

May the best team win ... at least some of the time, Oct/2002

Measuring the Impact of Speed, May/2002

One-run Records as a Basis for Managerial Evaluation, May/2002

Just a couple of players away...right?, Apr/2002

Winters of Discontent, Feb/2002

What a difference a month makes, June/2001

Clutch hitting, Aug/2000

Mid-Season Review 2000, July/2000

A few "little things" that might have been big, Oct/99

Reviewing the 1999 Season, Sept/99

The First Half of the 1999 Season, July/99

Career Leaders, Quick Hooks, Stolen Credit, and a Great Game, July/99

A Few Head-scratchers and Random Thoughts, May/99

Playoff Upsets and the 1998 Atlanta Braves, Oct/98

A Great Example of Pitch-by-Pitch Strategy, Oct/98

Winning Early, Young Starters, and Defense, Sept/98

How good are the Yankees? Aug/98

Fun with Streaks and Slumps, Part 2, July/98

Fun with Streaks and Slumps, Part 1, June/98

An Early Season Reality Check, May/98

Roger Clemens ... does he have a case for non-support?, Apr/98

Catcher Throwing and Pitcher Hold Ratings, Nov/97

1996 Multi-team Players, Jan/97

Using Real Left/Right splits is better, or is it?, Jan/97

Predicting the Final Standings in the 1996 AL, Aug/96

Understanding the impact of Coors Field, July/96

Do Batters Learn During a Game?, June/96

Clemens' history of non-support from his bullpen, May/96

Looking behind the numbers at the Red Sox awful start, May/96

The Effect of Artificial Surface, June/95

The Quality Start is a Useful Statistic, Spring/92

The Big Bang: A Big Bust?, Nov/91

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