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At Diamond Mind, we do a lot of baseball research as part of our effort to provide highly-accurate player ratings for the game. And we keep up with interesting studies being done by others like us. We thought others might be interested in some of this research, so we'll be posting articles on this page from time to time.


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General articles 

2020: A most interesting season, Dec/2020

Compiling Real-life Player Transactions, May/2020

Evaluating defense

Revisiting Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, July/2006

The ones that got away, Sept/2003

Can pitchers prevent hits on balls in play? July/2003

Bullpens: How consistent? How important? May/2003

May the best team win ... at least some of the time, Oct/2002

Measuring the Impact of Speed, May/2002

One-run Records as a Basis for Managerial Evaluation, May/2002

Just a couple of players away...right?, Apr/2002

Winters of Discontent, Feb/2002

What a difference a month makes, June/2001

Clutch hitting, Aug/2000

Mid-Season Review 2000, July/2000

A few "little things" that might have been big, Oct/99

Reviewing the 1999 Season, Sept/99

The First Half of the 1999 Season, July/99

Career Leaders, Quick Hooks, Stolen Credit, and a Great Game, July/99

A Few Head-scratchers and Random Thoughts, May/99

Playoff Upsets and the 1998 Atlanta Braves, Oct/98

A Great Example of Pitch-by-Pitch Strategy, Oct/98

Winning Early, Young Starters, and Defense, Sept/98

How good are the Yankees? Aug/98

Fun with Streaks and Slumps, Part 2, July/98

Fun with Streaks and Slumps, Part 1, June/98

An Early Season Reality Check, May/98

Roger Clemens ... does he have a case for non-support?, Apr/98

Catcher Throwing and Pitcher Hold Ratings, Nov/97

1996 Multi-team Players, Jan/97

Using Real Left/Right splits is better, or is it?, Jan/97

Predicting the Final Standings in the 1996 AL, Aug/96

Understanding the impact of Coors Field, July/96

Do Batters Learn During a Game?, June/96

Clemens' history of non-support from his bullpen, May/96

Looking behind the numbers at the Red Sox awful start, May/96

The Effect of Artificial Surface, June/95

The Quality Start is a Useful Statistic, Spring/92

The Big Bang: A Big Bust?, Nov/91