How to install a season database file

How to install a DMB database file  (Classic, Deluxe, Greatest Players/Teams)

When you buy a Classic or Deluxe Past Season file from Diamond Mind (including All-Time Greatest Teams,  All-Time Greatest Players and All-Star Teams), you can use the Install Season Disk command from within the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game to create a new database and populate it with the contents of the season file.

Downloading your file:

When you make a purchase from the Diamond Mind website, you are sent an email with the subject "Your Diamond Mind Baseball downloads are ready" shortly after your order has been completed. The links to download your files can be found in that email. 

Once you have received the downloads email, downloading a file from the Diamond Mind website is generally as straightforward as following the link in the email to open the download page. Then, click the "Download Now" button and, if prompted, choose where to save your file on your computer.  The usual location for files saved from the Internet is the Downloads folder. 

Important: Season database files must be installed from within the version 11 game as described below. DO NOT try to open or run the file directly from your web browser.


Installing your season database:

The Install season disk command takes care of creating a folder on your hard drive, extracting the files, and adding the new database to the list of databases that you can use with the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game.

1. Start by opening the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game. Then, click File on the game's main menu bar and select Install season disk.

A window similar to the following will appear.

2Click on the Look in dropdown box near the top of the window to select the folder where you downloaded and saved the season file.  For example, the Downloads folder.

 All Diamond Mind database files are now delivered as compressed files with the ".alt" file name extension (for example, sd2016_v11.alt).You may have received season files in the past that have the ".exe" file name extension -- DMB can install both. 

Locate and select the season file you wish to install.

4. Click the Open button to begin installing the season. 

The DMB License Agreement appears first. After you read and accept it, the Create new database window will appear.

In the Location for the new database box, enter the folder location where you want to store the installed season database. DMB assumes that you will wish to create the folder for this season database within the main game folder (C:\dmb11), but you can choose any location on your hard drive or network by clicking on the ellipsis button to the right.

In the Name of the new database box, enter a name for the new season database or accept the name suggested by DMB.

Note - The location for the new database will be filled in for you. By default, the location will be the DMB installation folder. This is generally where all your databases will be saved, so there's no need to change this.

5Click the OK button to continue. The installation progress will be displayed.

6. If this season file is not already in version 11 format, you will be asked whether you wish to convert it to the new format.

7When the installation is complete, the newly-created database will be the active database.

Click the OK button to complete the installation.

Final Note: 

There is no registration or activation code required to use any DMB software and there is no limit on the number of times you can use your original files to install the game or any of your seasons on multiple computers for your personal use. This allows you to easily make backups of all your DMB files and we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.