Diamond Mind Single Seasons, Team and Player Sets

Season Database Overview

This page provides an overview of the different types of single seasons, team and player collections that are available for use with Diamond Mind Baseball.

Before we explain how these groups compare, it's important to note that all of our single seasons include everything you need to begin playing highly-realistic games and/or organizing fantasy leagues the moment you install them -- team rosters, a large pool of players with detailed ratings and statistics, league schedules, ballpark ratings, and so on.

It's also important to note that our single season collection has evolved over time. At the time each season was introduced, it took full advantage of the features in the then-current version of the game, the limits of the computers we were supporting at the time, and available historical data.

Over the years, we have added many new features to the Diamond Mind Baseball game, computers have become much more powerful, new sources of historical data have become available, and some of our research methods have improved with time and experience. As a result, we have periodically upgraded some or all of our past seasons to take advantage of these developments.

Follow the links below for details about each type of season and for current prices:

Common Features -- the different types of single seasons are a lot more alike than they are different. This page summarizes the features that are common to all of our single seasons and team and player collections, lists a few areas where they differ, and presents a handy table that summarizes that information.

Current Season -- released by mid-December each year, each new season just completed takes full advantage of all of the features of the latest Diamond Mind Baseball game. It's packed with stats and ratings for everyone who appeared in the big leagues in the just-completed season, plus schedules, real-life transactions, game-by-game starting lineups, updated park factors, and everything else you need to play realistic games using real-life or newly-drafted rosters.

Deluxe Past Seasons -- these seasons provide you with virtually all of the features of our annual season release, including left/right splits for all batters and pitchers, making it possible to relive some of the great pennant races of the last thirty years or create fantasy leagues using players from this era.

All Deluxe Past Seasons (1932, 1944, 1946-1954, 1956-1957, and 1959-2023) also include a complete set of real-life player transactions and game-by-game starting lineups that you can use to recreate past seasons with even higher levels of accuracy.

Classic Past Seasons -- as a result of meticulous historical research using official batting, pitching and fielding statistics, boxscores, and the literature of the period, we have produced highly accurate season for every year from 1920 to 1945.

Some Classic Past Seasons (1920-1926, 1934, 1955) also include a complete set of real-life player transactions and game-by-game starting lineups that you can use to recreate past seasons with even higher levels of accuracy.

All-time Greatest Teams -- our growing collection of greatest teams now features eight sets with a total of 188 teams, plus our 12-team Worst of the Worst set.

All-time Greatest Players -- our all-time greatest players collection includes more than 4,500 of the best players in history organized into two individual databases with 24 teams per database.

All-Star Teams -- our newest product is a collection of every AL and NL All-Star team from 1933 to 2008.

Season Upgrades -- from time to time, we make significant improvements to some of our past seasons and offer the new editions to registered owners of these seasons at special upgrade prices. Visit this page for a description of any improvements that have been made and for some general information on pricing and eligibility.

Season Corrections -- visit this page for information about any corrections, downloads, and patches that are available for any of our season databases.

FAQ -- answers to frequently-asked questions about our season databases.