Frequently Asked Questions

DMB Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Am I be able to use my old season disks with version 11?

Yes. We have always had a commitment to maintain your investment in season disks purchased from Diamond Mind. Every new version of the game includes a feature that converts season disks from older formats to the format used by the new version.

For version 11, any season disks that are in version 8, 9, or 10 format are automatically converted to the format used for version 11 when you first install them.

NOTE: If you have season disks in formats older than version 8, one option is to use your earlier version of DMB to convert them to version 8 first, then use version 11 to convert them the rest of the way.

We periodically upgrade our older season disks to add new players, add new statistics, add real-life transactions and lineups, and take advantage of new game features. If you own older seasons, you may be eligible for free or discounted upgrades to those seasons. See Season Disk Upgrades for details.

 Q.  What are the system requirements?

By today's standards, the system requirements are quite modest. DMB runs on Windows-compatible computers (including non-Windows computers that are equipped with Windows emulation software or hardware) that are equipped as follows: 

  • Windows95, Windows98, Windows NT 4, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8
  • 32 MB of RAM 
  • 256-color monitor (16-bit recommended) at 800 x 600 or higher resolution 
  • any Windows printer (optional, as all reports can be displayed on the screen or saved as plain-text or HTML files) 
  • 30 MB of hard disk space plus a minimum of 2-3 MB for each season disk, which includes the space needed for full year-to-date statistics for all teams and players. You may need as much as 40 MB for a season disk if you turn on all of the options to save game-by-game stats, boxscores, scoresheets, and game logs. An additional 75 MB may be needed if you choose to generate a web site containing all possible reports for a large league. 
  • Internet Explorer version 4 or above (required only to view the extensive Help system that comes with the game) 
  • an active account with an Internet Service Provider (optional, needed only if you want to use the new NetPlay feature to play head-to-head over the internet)

Q. Am I be able to play Version 11 over the Internet?

Yes. Built-in support for head-to-head play over the internet is a major feature of version 11. We don't provide access to the internet, however, so you'll need to have an active account with an Internet Service Provider to use this feature. For more information, see NetPlay.

Q. I'm in the middle of a season replay. Can I switch to version 11 before the season is over, and will I lose any information if I do?

Yes, you can upgrade during a season, and with one exception, version 11 converts all of the information compiled by the previous version, including statistics, transactions, injury reports, boxscores and scoresheets.

The exception involves unscheduled league games, which were supported in versions 1 through 7. Because many DMB features are date-based (weather, transaction processing, date-interval-based reports, and so on), it is no longer possible to play unscheduled league games. (You can still play exhibition games outside of a league context.) If you played a season using version 7 or prior without first creating a schedule, the real-life stats and ratings will convert successfully, but you will lose some of the information related to your DMB season in progress.

Q. I'm playing in a league that uses Diamond Mind Baseball. If some managers in our league upgrade to version 11, and some stay with the older version, can we still exchange statistics?

No, it is not possible to transfer stats, rosters and manager profiles between different versions of the game. That means your league needs to decide whether to stay with the older version or have all league members upgrade to version 11 before your next season starts. Your league can convert in mid-season if every league member converts to version 11 at the same time.

Q. What park images are available? Will you be doing park images for old-time stadiums?

Version 11 includes diagrams for all of the parks that have been used since 1972 and a sampling of parks from prior to 1972. We plan to continue adding diagrams for older parks. New park images are made available for free download via our Ballpark Images page.

Q. Is there a downloadable demo version of the game?

Sorry, we don't have a demo version available. We strongly suggest that you review all of the information available in our About the Game section for details on Diamond Mind Baseball

Q. Am I still be able to run my emulator to play on the Macintosh?

Yes. Version 11 is a standard Windows application. If you have a Macintosh with hardware or software that enables you to run Windows applications, Version 11 should run on your computer. DMB cannot offer support for any Mac applications.

Pricing, Ordering, Order Processing, Shipping

Q. How much does version 11 cost?

Version 11 is now available at the new lower price of just $29.95. (Previous owners of any DMB game version, contact DMB Info at for a $5.00 discount code)

Q. What are the shipping options?

We no longer offer "hard" (CD) copies of our products. Our products are sold via download only.

Q. Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We offer a 10% discount for orders over $100, a 20% discount on orders over $200, and a 30% discount on orders over $300. These discounts will not apply to specially-price complete sets of season or team collections.

These discounts apply to products for use by a single customer. They do not apply to orders covering more than one person. For example, a league commissioner cannot earn a 30% discount by placing an order for 24 copies of the current Season Disk for league members.

Contact dmb_support@imaginesports to receive your discount code.

Q. Can I download my order immediately from your website?

Yes, the moment you submit your order and your payment has been accepted you can download the products you purchased.

Q. Why does Diamond Mind no longer offer a 30-day money-back guarantee?

We believe Diamond Mind is the most statistically-realistic baseball simulation, and we stand by our products. Because there is no way to "return" digital products such as downloaded software, any refunds are on the honor system. Unfortunately, some individuals started to abuse our 30-day money-back guarantee by downloading hundreds of dollars of software then immediately asking for a refund. As a result, we can no longer offer the money-back guarantee, and all purchases must be final.

Q. How can I view the status of my order?

A: Log in to "My Account" and view your Account Details. This page lists all your orders. Click on the Order# for further details of the order which you are checking.

Q: What if I need help with a product I purchased from you?

All Diamond Mind products are backed by free technical support by email. Contact for technical support.  We no longer offer phone support. 

Q.  I have some old season disks from the PTP days that you have improved. Do I have to buy them again?

Yes, we're afraid so. We do offer special upgrade prices to registered owners of season disks that were purchased directly from Diamond Mind since the company was formed in September, 1995. However, we are unable to do the same for those who bought season disks from PTP or other sources prior to that date.

Q.  My pc crashed - do I have to buy everything again?

 Yes.  DMB does not use any copy protection so it is easy to make backup copies of your software in case of a future emergency. Additionally, each purchase comes with a specific number of available downloads.  The bottom line is Back up your software!  However, if you wish to purchase replacement software at a discounted rate, contact

Q.  Is my account information secure?

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Diamond  Mind Baseball does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. 

Q. Where can I get player pictures to upload?

Due to copyright and trademark laws, we cannot provide pictures that contain player images or team logos or other copyrighted images, nor can we direct you to any repositories or databases of player images that may exist or that DMB customers may have. You may upload any picture or image to represent or symbolize a player, and any such use may be allowable under “Fair Use” and other legal concepts of non-commercial use.  As a commercial entity, however, we cannot provide them.  

Previous versions 

Q. What versions of Diamond Mind Baseball are available and supported?

 Versions 11 and Version 10 are supported.  However, DMB V10 is no longer offered for sale.