How to install the Diamond Mind Baseball game

How to install the Diamond Mind Baseball game

To install the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game, please follow the steps below. For instructions on installing the optional DMB version 11 Encyclopedia, click here.

Note - You may be prompted with additional User Account Control (UAC) dialog boxes not shown in the steps below. If prompted, please confirm that you wish to install Diamond Mind Baseball.

Downloading your file:

When you make a purchase from the Diamond Mind website, you are sent an email with the subject "Your Diamond Mind Baseball downloads are ready" shortly after your order has been completed. The links to download your files can be found in that email. 

Once you have received the downloads email, downloading a file from the Diamond Mind website is generally as straightforward as following the link in the email to open the download page. Then, click the "Download Now" button and, if prompted, choose where to save your file on your computer. The usual location for files saved from the Internet is the Downloads folder.

Important: To avoid problems with installation be sure that you 
DO NOT try to open or run the file directly from your web browser.


Installing the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game:

1. The Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 installation package is saved to your computer as a compressed (zipped) folder. For example, "", "", or something similar depending on which package you purchased.


2. You must extract the individual files from the compressed folder ("unzip") before you can install Diamond Mind Baseball. To "unzip" the installation package using the compression tools built-in to Windows, right-click on the file and select Extract All... from the pop-up context menu.

If you have a 3rd-party compression software tool installed on your system (for example, WinZip), the extraction method may vary and you should consult the documentation for the specific program that you have.

3. When you are prompted to select a destination for the extracted files, you may accept the folder location that Windows suggests for you or click Browse to choose a different folder location. Click the Extract button to begin "unzipping" the installation package files.


Note - Extracting the files is something you have to do explicitly. You may view the list of files contained in the compressed (zip) file by opening the file (double-click), however, that will not result in the files being extracted.

4To begin installing the version 11 game, open the folder that was created when you "unzipped" the installation package files. You may notice there are two application files. The file named dmb11setup is the installation program for the version 11 game, the file named enc11setup is the installation program for the optional encyclopedia program.

Double-click the dmb11setup file to start the installation wizard. You may see a User Account Control (UAC) prompt here. If you do see a UAC prompt, click Yes or Allow to proceed with the installation.


5. The Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 Setup window will appear. Click Next to continue.

6. Please read the License agreement and click Next to accept and continue or Cancel to not accept the License agreement and abort the installation. 

7. In the next window, you have the option to select the folder where Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 will be installed on your computer. Click Next to accept the default destination folder and continue.

Important note: We strongly recommend that you stick with the default folder location -- C:\dmb11. If you choose to install the game to a location that is protected by higher Windows system privileges, such as "C:\Program Files (x86)" on 64-bit systems or "C:\Program Files" on 32-bit systems, you will need to set the baseball.exe application file found in the installed game folder to run as administrator to avoid problems.

Note - If you have a previous version of Diamond Mind Baseball installed (for example, version 10), installing Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 will not replace or copy over your older version. You will be able to run each version as a completely separate program.

8. In the next window, the Program Manager Group name is selected. This is how the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 program group will appear in your Windows Start menu. Click Next to continue.

9. In the next window -- Start Installation -- click Next to begin installing the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 program files to your computer.

10. Once you click Next in the previous screen to start the installation, you will see the installation progress window for a few minutes.

11. When you see the Installation Complete window, click Finish to complete your installation.

12Important Anti-virus Information

The final step is a preventative measure to avoid the all too frequent problems that can result from another program on your computer interfering with DMB's normal operation as it reads and writes to the various files that comprise a DMB database. Sometimes this can corrupt one of the database files and lead to error messages that typically refer to being "Unable to open" that particular file.

Anti-virus and internet security applications are the most troublesome because by design they tend to get in the way of other programs when they are running. Unfortunately, they don't always know which programs are legitimate and which are not, although some are better at determining the difference than others.

In fact, any program that monitors file activity on your computer can potentially conflict with DMB if those programs are actively monitoring the game's installation folder, which should be "C:\dmb11", and the database subfolders (for example "C:\dmb11\sd2016_v11").

Other examples of programs that can conflict with Diamond Mind include, anti-spyware programs, 3rd-party file management software, 3rd-party firewall software, and automatic backup and file syncing applications.

The best way to avoid problems is to make sure Diamond Mind Baseball's installation folder and subfolders are excluded from any real-time scanning or monitoring. Anti-virus and Internet security software usually have a way for you to add certain folders or programs to an exclusion list. Or, if your anti-virus program has a gaming mode or allows you to temporarily pause real-time scanning either of those would be good options to use while playing DMB.

Final Note:

There is no registration or activation code required to use any DMB software and there is no limit on the number of times you can use your original files to install the game or any of your seasons on multiple computers for your personal use. This allows you to easily make backups of all your DMB files and we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.