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All About Diamond Mind Baseball

If you're not already familiar with Diamond Mind Baseball, or you want an update on what's new in the game, here's where to find the information you need:

  • for a quick summary of the goals and features of the Diamond Mind Baseball game, see our Product Overview
  • for a look at the features and user interface, including screen shots, take a look at our Guided Tour
  • learn how to store and report on the results of multiple DMB seasons with the Diamond Mind Baseball Encyclopedia. The DMB Encyclopedia is an optional companion program available for free download here.
  • if you're looking for more than an overview, then Inside Diamond Mind Baseball may be just the thing. This detailed technical note gives you an in-depth look at the features that make it the leader in realism and accuracy, stats and reporting, flexibility and ease of use.
  • for a collection of free park images, visit the Park images
  • to see what our customers have had to say about the game, visit the Customer Comments page
    • for excerpts from the many positive reviews the game has received over the years, see our Reviews page

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