DMB Download/Installation Tips

Please review the below links for detailed information on downloading and installing your game/seasons. The process to download/install DMB V11 or DMB V10 is identical.

Downloading your purchase from the new DMB Shopify Web Store:

When you make a purchase from the Diamond Mind website, you are sent an email with the subject "Your Diamond Mind Baseball downloads are ready".  This email should arrive within about 30 minutes.  The links to download your files can be found in that email. 

Once you have received your downloads email, you can either click the links or copy and paste the URLs into your browser to open the download page for each item.

From the download page, click the "Download Now" button.  Depending on your browser settings, the browser should either start the download immediately or ask where you would like to save the file.  If prompted, choose where to save your file on your computer.  The usual location for files saved from the Internet is the Downloads folder.


Installation Instructions:

Click here to install the Diamond Mind Baseball Version 11 game

Click here to install a single season, greatest teams or greatest players database.

Click here to convert your existing seasons from a previous version to DMB Version 11

We also strongly encourage you to immediately make a backup of your DMB software.  Review this link for further information:

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