League Ownership Compliance Offer


Updated: December 21, 2021

In order to encourage draft leagues to make sure that all of their members own the required Diamond Mind software, we are offering a free gift to all verified leagues. 

Here is how it works:

Once all league members have confirmed that they have bought the required software for the season to come, the League commissioner sends the following information to Diamond Mind BEFORE the league's virtual season begins.

  • Full name of the league
  • Size of the league (number of teams)
  • Anticipated start date and end date for the league
  • Season database that your season is based on
  • Diamond Mind Baseball game version
  • Full name and order number for season database purchase by each league member


  • Full name and email address associated with DMB account for each league member

To avoid violating DMB's licensing agreement, all members should own the required software before receiving a copy of the league database.

If all members have bought both the game and season software directly from Diamond Mind*, we will award the winner of the league with a gift card in the amount of the cost of the season being used.  For example, if the league is based on the 2021 season, the gift card value will be equal to the original purchase price of $29.95.

Participation is open to all DMB leagues and is not limited to leagues that use the most recent season database.

League commissioners can send their league information for verification to dmb_info@imaginesports.com.

Is your league on the list for the year 2022?

 Ownership Compliant Leagues for past years:


* In most cases, we can verify the seasons that were bought directly from Diamond Mind since the company was started in September 1995. However, we are unable to verify any items that may have been bought before that time or from other sources. For example, Pursue the Pennant was a separate company with its own customer and order records that no longer exist and therefore we are unable to verify seasons sold by Pursue the Pennant.

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