DMB-Blog — 2024


2024 ZiPS Projections Database Now Available!

For 2024, we continue our partnership with Dan Szymborski to bring you our projections database featuring stats and ratings generated by Dan's highly regarded ZiPS projection system.

The 2024 ZiPS Projections database includes updated rosters that incorporate off-season player moves; the new schedule; projected batting and pitching stats for more than 3500 players, including many top prospects; and manager profiles set up with rotations, lineups, and depth charts that represent our assessment of how the players will be used during the season.

The 2024 ZiPS Projections database is priced at $24.95 and is available in version 12 format only. This means it can be installed with Diamond Mind Baseball: Version 12 but cannot be used with any other earlier version of the game.

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