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Backing Up DMB Software


Despite repeated, pleas, suggestions and warnings, on a daily basis I get requests from DMB customers claiming that their pc system crashed and they have no backups of any of their purchases made over the years.  The easy way to avoid all the suffering associated with losing software of any kind is to make backup copies of your files.  In the case of DMB files, it is crucial that you make backup copies of your installation files which you receive when downloading your purchases.

If you do not know how to make a backup copy of your software you can review this link for suggestions: 

If you do not wish to make backup copies of your DMB software, then you should be reviewing the DMB software replacement plan found in the DMB Frequently Asked Questions section of the DMB web page:

Q.  My pc crashed - do I have to buy everything again?

 Yes.  DMB does not use any copy protection so it is easy to make backup copies of your software in case of a future emergency. Additionally, each purchase comes with a specific number of available downloads.  The bottom line is Back up your software!  However, if you wish to purchase replacement software at a discounted rate, contact

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