2015 Playoff Database Now Available


The 2015 Playoff Database is now available which completes the trio of DMB Projection Database entries. Included in this database are the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Here's your chance to manage all these teams in postseason play to determine the 2015 Worlds Champion!

The rosters and stats are as of beginning of play on Friday October 2, 2015 . 

DPS1949 Available Now!!!

1949: On The Threshold

by Steve Ehresman

The 1949 baseball season set the template for what many consider the Golden Age of America’s Pastime, the 1950s. Erstwhile baseball clown Casey Stengel arrived in New York and created a dynasty. The St. Louis Cardinals, America’s Team during the turbulent 1940s, gave way to a new generation of stars in Brooklyn.

While Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson captured the MVP Award in their respective leagues, America thrilled to the best pennant races of the post- World War II Era. Joe DiMaggio’s oft-injured Yankees withstood a strong surge from Ted William’s Red Sox to capture the American League pennant, and Jackie Robinson’s youthful Dodgers battled Stan Musial’s Cardinals all summer to secure the flag in the National League.

As the decade of the 1940s came to an end, America’s sporting public paid homage to its veteran stars while getting to know its new heroes, exciting youngsters such as Richie Ashburn, Yogi Berra, Del Ennis, Nellie Fox, Gil Hodges, Ted Kluszewski, Don Newcombe, Billy Pierce, and Duke Snider to name but a few.

Diamond Mind Baseball invites you to stand on the threshold between decades and recreate the memorable 1949 season, complete with all the realistic enhancements you have come to expect from Diamond Mind. 

The 1949 Deluxe Past Season database contains everything you need to play games using teams and players from the 1949 season -- a full set of ratings and statistics for every player who appeared in the big leagues that year, plus team rosters, manager profiles, ballpark ratings and league schedules. Statistics include official batting, pitching and fielding totals with left/right splits for all batters and pitchers.

Also included is a complete set of real-life player transactions -- trades, disabled list moves, promotions, demotions, suspensions, and more -- plus the actual starting lineups for every regular season game played.

If you are a registered owner of the 1949 Classic Past Season, you are eligible for upgrade pricing for this item. Send an email to to request your discount promotion code.

Note: This season database is a companion product for the Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game. To use this database, you must also have Diamond Mind Baseball version 11. The game software provides you with all of the tools you need to play simulated games, make roster moves, produce dozens of statistical reports, generate league schedules, and more.

DMB 2015 ZIPS Mid-Season Projection Database Correction

On Monday 7/27/2015, a new projection database file was sent out to all previous owners.  This version corrects a data error in the schedule file where the year 2016 has been changed to the correct year of 2015.

Available Now-2015 ZiPS "Dynamic" Projection Mid-Season Update Database

The 2015 ZIPS Mid-Season Projection Database is now available.  If you have previously purchased this product, you should be receiving an e-mail with a download link to download and install the software.  The download link allows five (5) downloads of the database.  Make sure to back up your software in the event that you might need to re-install it sometime in the future.

The rosters are as of beginning of play on Friday July 17, 2015. If you do not receive the e-mail with the download link, please let me know at


Now available-The 2015 ZiPS Projection Season includes projected team rosters; the 2015 schedule; projected statistics and ratings for over 2000 players generated using Dan Szymborski's ZiPS (sZymborski Projection System) projection system, including many top prospects; and manager profiles set up with rotations, lineups, and depth charts representing our assessment of how the players may be used during the 2015 season.

Also available now-DMB V11 Bundle with 2015 ZiPS "Dynamic" Projection Season

The All-time Greatest Players 2015 Volume 1 & Volume 2


The All-time Greatest Players 2015 Volume 1 and Volume 2 databases gives you a great way to play games using more than 4500 of the best players in baseball history. Released in April 2015, the AGP2015 can be purchased either as a separate Volume 1 or Volume 2 database or both volumes bundled together for additional savings.  For previous owners of  the AGP2006 version, you can upgrade at a  25% discount by contacting

All of the players have been selected and rated based on their best series of peak seasons, with each season evaluated relative to the norms for that era and adjusted for park effects. The players are organized into 48 teams based on the real-life franchises they were most closely affiliated with during their peak periods.

Everything is in place to allow you to start playing games the moment you install the set, but remember that there's almost no limit to the ways you can use these players and teams. You can also run a draft, restructure the league, generate a new schedule, change the manager profiles, and move players and teams to/from other Diamond Mind seasons.