How Do I Print a Manager Profile Report?


Open a team's roster and click on the MP Report tab

Next, click on File/Print.  Make sure you have enough paper in your printer as it will print several pages.

Study of Jon Lester's Pick-Off Move

Earlier this week, DMB was contacted by ESPN Grantland to help with a study of Jon Lester's pick-off move.  In part, here is what the author says about Diamond Mind Baseball.

"For more reliable results, we’d have to run many more sims to quiet the statistical noise. Fortunately, we can do that with Diamond Mind, which was developed almost three decades ago by sabermetric pioneer Tom Tippett, who began consulting for the Red Sox in 2003, joined the team full time in 2009, and continues to serve as an informal adviser to the company that curates and updates his old software (probably because the Diamond Mind 2014 Red Sox usually win way more than 71 games)."
He then focuses the rest of the article on our results.  Here is a link to the entire article:

DMB's Future Products


Be a Part of Diamond Mind’s Future 

We’re planning the next generation of Diamond Mind Baseball products and technology, and we’d like your input.  If you’re a Diamond Mind customer and would like to be involved and provide feedback, we’d like your thoughts.  You can volunteer for customer input market research by emailing  Please include your name, and contact info (if we don’t already have it).

DPS1969 Available April 30, 2015


 New Deluxe Past Seasons Available on April 30, 2015 

The 1969 season is the most recent to get the Deluxe treatment – the DPS version of 1969 will be available on April 30, 2015.  When available, you can purchase the 1969 deluxe season in the online store for $24.95.   

If you already own the Classic Past Season of 1969, you can upgrade to Deluxe for $10.00.  To do so, send an email to  Once we’ve verified your ownership of the 1969 CPS, we’ll send you a promotional code so you can purchase the Deluxe version at the upgrade price.

2015 Projection Database Available on April 15, 2015


 2015 “Dynamic” Season Projection Available on April 15!

 Developed in conjunction with Dan Szymborski using his ZiPS projection system, the DMB 2015 Season Projection database will be available on April 15, which will be our release date each year from now on.  In the past, we’ve tried to release Projection products prior to or in conjunction with MLB’s Opening Day, but that creates too much of a rush to incorporate new data and Opening Day rosters.  An April 15 release date will allow for a more accurate product.

 For the 2015 download, we will try something new by making the product dynamic – we will update the player projections around the All-Star Break to reflect performance in the season to that point and projected through the remainder of the season.  At the end of the season, we update them again for the playoff teams.  If you purchase the DMB 2015 Projection database, you will receive these updates free of charge as soon as the updates are ready.

 You can purchase the DMB 2015 Projection database starting April 15 in the online store for $29.95, which includes the initial Projection database plus the two free updates (mid-season and for the playoffs).

The 2015 Projection Database will be available in V11 format only