2020 Season Database Update (and patch)


On January 18th, 2021, we updated our master copies of both the 60-game and 162-game editions of the 2020 season to correct some ratings and player short names.

Please refer to the Scope of Changes note on the 2020 Season Database Changes web page for the complete details about these changes.

2020 Season Database Changes

To check if your copy of the 2020 Season Database is up to date, have a look in the Notes tab of the Organizer window with your installed copy of the 2020 season as the active database. If the date of the "2020 Updates" note is 1/18/2021 or later then you already have the most up to date version.

In addition, we have released a season patch that will allow you to update your already installed copy of the 2020 season. The patch is not a complete copy of the 2020 season database. It is a program that applies the corrections to an already installed copy of the 2020 season without disturbing the work you may have already done to your team rosters and league structure. Instructions on using the 2020 season patch and the link to download it can be found on the 2020 Season Database Changes web page. 

To request a free updated replacement file for download, send an email to dmb_info@imaginesports.com.

We apologize for these errors and for any inconvenience.

Updated: 1/19/2021

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