2019 Season Database Changes

An update is now available for the 2019 Annual Season Database.  This update includes mainly corrections to the injury ratings for a number of composite player records.

All customers who bought the 2019 Season Database before December 21st, 2019 have been sent a notification email that includes information about the update and a new link to allow you to download a copy of the updated season. If you have not received the update notification, you can contact us directly at dmb_info@imaginesports.com

In addition, we have released a season update patch that will allow you to update your already installed copy of the 2019 season. The update patch is not a complete copy of the 2019 season database. It is a program that applies the corrections to an already installed copy of the 2019 season without disturbing the work you may have already done to your team rosters and league structure.

Please read this page to learn more about what the season update patch does, how to know whether you already have the corrections, and how to download and install the patch.

Scope of the changes

On December 20, 2019, we updated our master copy of the 2019 season database. This update includes the following player record corrections:

Adams,AD (29341)    First Name:  Austin -> Austin D
Adams,AL (30229)    First Name:  Austin -> Austin L
Guerra,JaA (30785)  First Name:  Javy -> Javy A
Guerra,JaL (28609)  First Name:  Javy -> Javy L
Smith,JosA (30042)  First Name:  Josh -> Josh A
Smith,JosD (32447)  First Name:  Josh -> Josh D
Smith,WD (31631)    First Name:  Will -> Will D
Smith,WM (28854)    First Name:  Will -> Will M

Adams,AL     (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Armstrong    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Barraclough  (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Bemboom      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Biddle       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Bruce        (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Cervelli     (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Chacin       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Dickerson,A  (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Dickerson,C  (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Dyson,S      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Edwards,C    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Elias        (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Encarnacion  (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Gallen       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Galvis       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Gausman      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Gennett      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Gyorko       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Holland,D    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Jackson,E    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Kingham      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Lucroy       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Lyles        (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Magill       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Martini      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Mejia,A      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Miller,B     (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Montgomery,M (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Morales      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Negron       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Peralta,Wa   (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Phelps       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Pirela       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Puello       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Ramirez,Y    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Rosenthal    (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Sanchez,Aa   (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Smyly        (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Sogard       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Stassi       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Stratton     (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Strickland   (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Stroman      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Swarzak      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Swihart      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Vargas,J     (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone
Venters      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Vincent      (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
White        (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Very prone
Wood,H       (Composite)   Inj:  Normal -> Prone

Bauer        (Cle)    Jam:     Normal -> Tough
Bauer        (Cin)    Jam:     Normal -> Tough
Encarnacion  (Sea)    Clutch:  Normal -> Terror
Encarnacion  (NYA)    Clutch:  Normal -> Terror
Maldonado    (KC)     Clutch:  Normal -> Terror
Maldonado    (Hou)    Clutch:  Normal -> Terror

You may not need to do anything. The best way to find out is to check the Notes tab in the DMB Organizer with your installed copy of the 2019 season as the active database. If the date of the "2019 Updates" note is 12/20/2019 or later, you already have the most up to date version.

If you have a previous version installed, you have three options:

  1. Download a free updated replacement file using the download link provided in the update notification email that was sent to all customers who purchased the 2019 Season Database before 12/20/2019. The free update option makes sense if you haven't already started any projects using the original version of the season file.
  2. Download and apply the season update patch. This is the best option if you have migrated or drafted a league or started a season and wish to preserve those results. (see below)
  3. Continue using your existing season file. This "do nothing" options makes sense if your style of play would not be affected by these changes.

Downloading the season update patch

When you download the season update patch, it is saved to the Downloads folder or to the folder that you specify. Before you apply it, you'll need to make sure it is stored in the folder into which you installed Diamond Mind Baseball -- that's C:\dmb11 if you accepted the default location, something else if you chose to install the game elsewhere. It doesn't matter whether you download the file directly into that folder or download it somewhere else and move or copy it there later.

Before you apply the season update patch

If you plan to apply the season update patch to a DMB database in which you have invested a lot of time -- playing games, migrating a league, making roster moves, running a draft -- we strongly recommend that you take the precautionary step of using the Backup command on DMB's File menu to save your database. It's always a good idea to make regular backups of your files, and it's an especially good idea when you are about to run a program that makes changes to those files. Finally, be sure to shut down DMB before you start the patch!

Applying the season update patch

To apply the season update patch, find the downloaded file -- it's called sd2019_v11_patch.exe -- using Windows Explorer (or some other tool for browsing your hard drive). Make sure this file is in the same folder into which you previously installed the Diamond Mind Baseball game. If it's not there already, move or copy it there now.

Important Note: If you try to run the season update patch program from a location other than the DMB game folder, you'll get an error message indicating that CTREESTD.DLL cannot be found or a different message indicating that it was unable to find the BASEBALL.INI file.

When you are ready to apply the season update patch, use Windows Explorer or My Computer to find the DMB game folder and then double-click on the sd2019_v11_patch.exe file to start the process. You'll see the following window:

2019 season update patch

This window displays a list of all of the DMB databases that are in version 11 format. To make the corrections, select the 2019 season database from the list and click on the "Make corrections" button. If you have installed the 2019 season database more than once, do this for each copy of the database, one at a time.

We have built some important safeguards into this season update patch program:

- if you select a database (such as agt2) that has nothing to do with the 2019 season database, it will tell you that it couldn't find any matching players and therefore did not apply any changes.

- if you accidentally apply the season update patch to the same database more than once, no harm will be done.

It takes only a second or two to make the corrections, and the season update patch program displays a "successful completion" message when it is done.

Season Update Patch Download

To download the update patch program, click the link below to open the download webpage. From the download webpage, click the "Download Now" button to start your download.

sd2019_v11_patch.exe, posted 12/20/2019

Free updates available on request

To request a free updated replacement file for download, send an email to dmb_info@imaginesports.com.

We apologize for these errors and for any inconvenience.