2018 ZiPS Projection Database Mid-season Update Now Available!


The 2018 ZiPS Projection Database mid-season update is now available. All customers who have purchased the 2018 ZiPS Projection Database so far have been sent a notification email that includes information about the update and a new link to allow you to download a copy of the updated database. If you have not received the update notification please contact us at dmb_info@imaginesports.com to request the new database file.

The mid-season update is a completely new database that contains updated projections, player ratings and team rosters and can be installed like any other DMB database file from within the game by using the File -> Install season disk command. If you need help with installation, you can find step-by-step instructions in the "Managing DMB Databases" section of the game's extensive built-in help system. Or you can view the installation instructions page on the Diamond Mind website here.


Update:  On August 21, 2018, we updated our master copy of the Mid-season update to the 2018 Projection Season database to correct a couple of errors discovered since the initial release of the mid-season update.

To check if your copy of the mid-season update to the 2018 Projections Season database includes these corrections, have a look in the Notes tab of the game's Organizer window with your installed copy of the 2018 mid-season update database set as the active database. If the date of the "2018 Updates" note is 8/21/2018 or later then you have the most up to date version.

This release includes the following corrections:

  • Added GB% for pitchers
  • Recalculated event tables of some players to correct for errors in the source data.


In addition, we have released an update tool that will allow you to update your already installed copy of the 2018 ZiPS Projection database. Instructions on using the projections update tool and the link to download it can be found here.

Team rosters are up to date as of the beginning of play on Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

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