Normalization of Players in the DMB All Great Players 2015 database


Normalization of Players in AGP2015

Pro baseball players compiled their real-life stats in different eras and different parks.  Players are rated based on their career stats, taking into account both career and peak value. When we normalize each player’s ratings, we compare his performance in each aspect against a baseline of average for the era and the home park(s) in which he played. For example, a guy who hit 30 home runs while playing half his games in, say, the Astrodome, is likely to be stronger than a guy who hit 30 bombs in Coors Field. Likewise, a guy who hit .300 in 1967 is likely to hit for a better average than a guy who hit .300 in 1930 … all other things being equal. Depending on how you play, your players will be playing in different eras and parks and facing different opponents than they did in their real-life careers and may perform differently as a result. Therefore, you should not expect your players to exactly match their real-life stats. You should expect them to match their real-life stats adjusted for how their real-life era/parks/teammates/opposition compare to the era/parks/teammates/opposition, because we do adjust the players’ hitting, pitching and defense (as well as durability) based on the era and home ballpark each played in as well as certain team situations that may have affected those statistics.

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