A free update for DMB12 - The Version 12b Patch!


The Version 12b Patch

We're pleased to announce that we have released another free software update for the version 12 game. This update includes support for MLB's new Pickoff Throw rule as well as several important fixes.

We prioritized releasing this update before the 2023 season database becomes available. This is important because the new feature for limiting pickoff throws will be a necessary enhancement for anyone wishing to replay the 2023 season and for leagues using the 2023 database.

We have created a Version 12b Patch information page that includes all of the details about this update. This includes a list of fixes and step-by-step download and installation instructions.

Version 12b Patch Information Page

The Pickoff Throw rule and the 2023 Season

The 2023 Annual Season Database will be ready for release on Monday, December 18th, 2023.

In 2023, baseball implemented a new rule that limits a pitcher to only three pickoff attempts during a plate appearance. If on the third attempt the pitcher fails to make an out, a balk will be called.

With the version 12b patch installed, you can enable the new rule using the "Pickoff throw limit" option found on your League or Organization's Rules/Options page. This option will be enabled by default in the 2023 season database.

To play the 2023 season and utilize this new rule, it will be necessary to have the version 12b patch installed.

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