2022 ZiPS Projections Database now available! (Updated)


For 2022, we have again partnered with Dan Szymborski to bring you our projections database featuring stats and ratings generated by Dan's highly regarded ZiPS projection system.

The 2022 Projection Season database includes updated rosters that incorporate off-season player moves; the new schedule; projected batting and pitching stats for more than 3000 players, including many top prospects; and manager profiles set up with rotations, lineups, and depth charts that represent our assessment of how the players will be used during the season.

The 2022 Projection Season database is priced at $24.95 and is available in version 12 format only. This means it can be installed with Diamond Mind Baseball: Version 12 but cannot be used with any other earlier version of the game.

Sorry we're late. We realize that the projections database is being released later than usual this year so as a thank you for your patience we are offering a free gift with each order.

For a limited time*, customers who buy the 2022 Projection Season database can receive a free e-gift card of equal value ($24.95). Please contact us at dmb_info@imaginesports.com to request your e-gift card after you have placed your order. The e-gift card does not expire and can be used for any future purchase at the Diamond Mind online store.

Postseason Teams. All customers who buy the 2022 Projection Season database before October 1st, 2022 will receive the 2022 Postseason Teams database for no extra charge in early October.

Ballparks. We have added a new DMB style ballpark diagram for the 2022 season: Oriole Park at Camden Yards (updated in 2022). This image file is available as a free download from our Park Images page.

* Free e-gift card offer ends July 31, 2022.

We have updated our master copy of the 2022 ZiPS Projections Season database to correct the schedule.

To check if your copy of the 2022 ZiPS Projections Season database is up to date, have a look in the Notes tab of the Organizer window with your installed copy of the 2022 projections season as the active database. If the date of the "2022 Updates" note is 6/15/2022 or later then you have the most up to date version.

Registered owners of the 2022 ZiPS Projections Season database can request a new installation file that includes these updates by contacting DMB support at dmb_info@imaginesports.com

Visit our Season Database Corrections page for more information about this update and any corrections, downloads, and patches that are available for any of our season databases.

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