Migrating the APG2015 Database


Information on Migration of a Database

If you have made no changes to the structure of either database, in other words, you have not added players to or subtracted players from the database, you can use the migrate and stats export function to move roster organization, park assignments,stats and manager profiles from the original set of databases to the updated set of databases.  The process will be much easier for you if you break the entire process down into smaller parts. FYI, DB indicates database.

First you need to install the update DB. Use File/Install a season disk... to install the update.  One crucial point here.  You need to rename the updated database to something completely different than the original DB. By default, the original DB is installed with the name of agp2015_vol1_v11.  I would rename the updated DB as apg2015_vol1_v11_update. If you have changed the names, you will need to come up with your own database names.

 After completing this process, you should have the original DB install and the updated DB on your system.

Next, you need to export any stats that you wish to move from the original DB to the updated DB. Since each DB has two leagues, you will need to export the stats from each league.  Use Transfer/Export statistics to export your stats. Make sure that you are exporting all of the manager profiles as well as the stats. I would name each league stats file as stats1 and stats2. Remember that the stats are stored in the DB folder called Export. Importing the stats will be out final step.

Now you need to Migrate.  Click on File/Migrate and use the down arrow to navigate to where the DB are stored.  If you have followed my naming convention, in the Past season database, you will want to pick the agp2015_vol1_V11 DB.  In the New season database, you will want to pick the agp2015_vol1_V11_updated DB. In the Migration year, enter 2015.  Note, the Migration process will not carry over the players beginning year window.  It will replace all with the year of 2015.  Click OK.  Be patient, this may take a few seconds to complete.

At this point, the structure of the updated DB will match the structure of the original DB.  Again, I will point out that if you have added players to or subtracted players from the databases, none of this will work correctly.
The final step is now to import your stats. Use Transfer/Import statistics to bring over your compiled stats. Make sure that you do this for both leagues and import the manager profiles. Remember, you will find the stats export in the original DB Export folder. Again, be patient for this process to complete as it is moving a lot of data between the databases.
If you have any questions, contact me at dmb_info@imaginesports.com.

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