Deluxe Past Seasons


Update to a DPS Season Database

Our Deluxe Past Seasons share all of the features of our Current Seasons.

All of our Deluxe Past Seasons were developed with the help of pitch-by-pitch and/or play-by-play data from various sources, including STATS, Inc., Total Sports, The Baseball Workshop, and Retrosheet. Using that information and a growing collection of sophisticated computer programs that we have developed, we compile modern statistics and analyze player performance in all areas of the game.


Because these seasons are so similar to our annual Current Seasons, we won't repeat all of the features here. If you're not already familiar with this list of features, please review the information on the Current Seasons page.


All Deluxe Past Seasons include a full set of real-life transactions and game-by-game starting lineups and are priced at $24.95.

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