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"Diamond Mind is a computer simulation that's been around for more than 20 years, and its intricate engine is used by ESPN and other media to simulate seasons. It's considered the best simulator out there". About Sports (, April 2015

Diamond Mind Baseball version 7 began shipping in July, 1997, and a number of print and online publications have put it through the wringer. Here's what they've had to say:

"the finest computer baseball simulation available...great gameplay...statistically precise simulation...excellent reports...nearly completely customizable"
PC Sportsgames (, December/98


"the most realistic simulation of baseball available on the PC... incredibly flexible... for those who truly love baseball the way it is played in the big leagues, this product is simply unparalleled."
Digital Sportspage (, August/98

"a treat for those of you who have been itching for a stunningly accurate baseball simulation"
Computer Game Strategy Plus (, May/98

"highly accurate and a lot of fun... a bargain"
Hartford Courant, May 17, 1998

"Widely recognized as the best statistical baseball game available"
Inside Games web site (, March/98

"For my money, Diamond Mind is simply the best major league simulation in existence -- especially for those who appreciate the rich statistical tradition of the game."
Toronto Star, February 26, 1998

"All in all, Diamond Mind is the premier baseball simulator on the market today. It provides all the tools you need to produce realistic, competitive leagues. There's a schedule generator and the ability to create your own players, teams, and ballparks. You won't find bitmaps of players' faces, pretty ballpark backgrounds, or animation of any sort. But you will find a rare understanding of baseball and its numbers."
Computer Gaming World, December/97

"This is the most accurate, playable and intelligent baseball sim you can play on your PC."
Inside Games web site (, Oct/97

"Diamond Mind serves as an excellent example that a quality sports simulation doesn't require spectacular sound and graphics to make for an enjoyable game. While there are other titles that feature super sound and graphics (and super hardware requirements to run effectively), I'm aware of none that can compete with Diamond Mind for accuracy, realism, or player disk support . . . The entire game design is well thought out, and actually helps you to do what you want . . . Diamond Mind is destined for the baseball simulation Hall of Fame."
Online Gaming Review (, Sept/97

"If you are a baseball fan, you must buy this game . . . Diamond Mind is the best baseball game out there right now."
Sidelines, June-July/97


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