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This is the top-level page for this league web site. From here, you can follow the links to the multi-season leaderboard reports, to an index page listing all of the league-level reports for each season, and from there to a page for each team-season that lists the reports for that team.

The information in the reports is the result of simulating the 1927-1931 seasons using our Classic Past Seasons. After the seasons were simulated, it took only a few minutes to import them into the encyclopedia and a few seconds to generate the 352 files that make up this web site.

All of these pages are based on standard reports that are included with Diamond Mind Baseball version 9. You can, however, customize these reports in a variety of ways -- add/remove sections, add/remove columns in any section, change options, change sort sequences, and so on. You can also customize the report groups that determine which of these reports are generated in the first place. In other words, you have almost complete control over the contents of a generated web site.

This web site, which includes all of the available reports for five seasons of an 8-team league, uses approximately 16 MB of disk space. Your space needs will vary based on how you customize the reports and the report groups, how many seasons you include, the size of your league, and whether you choose to include all of the boxscores. We chose to leave the boxscores out of this sample, but if we had included them, they'd be linked into the various game results reports.

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