Current Season Databases


Diamond Mind's Annual Season Database Is Ready Every December

Since 1987, we have been releasing the just-completed season in December of the same year.


Each Current Season includes:

- basic information about every player who appeared in the big leagues that season: names, birthdates, batting and throwing hands, primary positions, and real-life salaries

- two versions of the inter-league schedule (as-scheduled and as-played)

- updated ballpark information, including physical characteristics, weather patterns, and statistical park factors

- a complete set of batting, pitching and fielding statistics, including many modern statistics such as holds, inherited runners, run support, and defensive innings

- full left/right splits for all batters and pitchers

- games started at each position versus left- and right-handed pitchers

- detailed ratings for all players

- manager profiles for every team

- a complete set of real-life player transactions

- actual starting lineups used for every game that season

We are able to provide all of this information and develop highly-accurate player ratings because we license pitch-by-pitch and play-by-play data from Major League Baseball. Using that information, a growing collection of sophisticated computer programs that we have developed, and an extensive database of player notes that we compile during the season, we analyze player performance in all areas of the game.

Pricing and availability

The 2021 Season is priced at $29.95 and was released December 16th, 2021.

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