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Working With Player Profiles

When you're playing a game, choosing lineups, thinking about making roster moves, setting up a manager profile, or participating in a draft, you often want to know more about the players you're working with. How does he do against left-handed pitching? How many positions is he rated at and what are those ratings? Is he healthy right now? How many pitches did he throw yesterday?

That's why we give you access to the player profile window from most places in the product where player names are displayed.

Version 11 Player Profile 

The batting tab provides two blocks of batting stats (on tabs labelled primary and secondary), full left/right splits, and a summary of the player's most important ratings.

The pitching tab shows five blocks of pitching stats, plus full left/right splits, and key pitching ratings.

The fielding tab provides a full set of fielding statistics broken down by position.

The status tab summarizes fatigue information (pitches thrown in the past five days, batters faced as a catcher over the past ten days), injury status, and other usage information.

And the starts tab shows how often each player was in the starting lineup at each defensive position against left- and right-handed pitchers.

This information provides a very complete picture of each player, but we know that sometimes you wish to look at more than one player at a time. That's why the player profile window has a list of players in the upper left corner with two arrow buttons that allow you to cycle through a relevant group of players. If you've called up the profile window from a team roster, that group includes the players on the team. If you've called up the profile window from the game window, that group may consist of the current batting order for the team. Call it up from a list of free agents and it includes all of those free agents.

For players who appeared on more than one team in your DMB season, the 'Show combined stats' checkbox allows you to toggle between showing that player's stats for one team and his combined stats for all teams that he played for.

Finally, to the right of that checkbox is a drop-down list of the stages of the season. If you're in the midst of a post-season series, you can choose to look back at this player's performance during any previous stage of the season (the regular season or a previous playoff series).

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