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Diamond Mind Baseball Guided Tour

Welcome to the Guided Tour of Diamond Mind Baseball. The links on this page take you through the major features of the game and give you a good look at the user interface.

Although this Guided Tour describes the most important features of Diamond Mind Baseball, there's still more to the story. If you want to learn about the top-rated game engine that's under the covers, check out our Inside Diamond Mind Baseball page.

Let's begin...

When you choose to play one or more scheduled games, the control panel gives you quick access to the schedule and current standings (including the new wildcard standings), plus the details of completed games (scores, starting pitchers, winning and losing pitchers, and so on) and any boxscores and scoresheets that you have saved. We have also added several useful new tools for playing the post-season.

The game window brings together all of the tools you need to play games and all of the information you need to make good tactical decisions during the game.

With our NetPlay feature, two owners with the same game version and internet access can play games head-to-head over the internet. It's fast, smooth, and lots of fun.

Using the flexible and customizable report generator, you can choose from a wide variety of standard reports; interact with them on the screen or send them to a printer, text file or HTML file; customize them by adding/moving/deleting sections and columns using hundreds of statistics from real-life and your DMB games; and memorize report options for future use.

If you have a collection of standard and/or customized reports that you like to generate on a regular basis, either for your own use or for the members of a league that you run, DMB allows you to organize these reports using report groups. Create a set of memorized reports with the structure and settings you want, add them to a group, and generate the entire group with a single command.

And if that's not enough, you can generate an entire league web site consisting of a family of linked reports in HTML format. Because the web site generator is based on report groups, which are in turn based on customizable reports, you control the web pages that are produced and the contents of each page.

Before your season starts, you can use the advanced drafting system to sift through the available free agents and build your roster. The customizable lists of free agent batters and pitchers are packed with vital stats and ratings to help you make your choices. And the computer manager can help draft your team or draft for all of the other teams while you hand-pick your own players.

As you move through your season, you can use the roster management to send players to the farm and call them up, move them on and off the disabled list, release players, sign free agents, and make other moves. This is also the place where you can set up a manager profile with your starting rotation, bullpen assignments, starting lineups against left- and right-handed pitchers, and depth charts.

The organizer window enables you to quickly find and work with any item in your active database. This provides all of the tools you need to create new leagues using teams, players, parks, and eras from one or more DMB season databases. You can even create, modify or delete any of the items in your database, including players, giving you almost unlimited flexibility to create any type of league.

Whether you're choosing lineups, playing a game, drafting free agents, or working with your roster or manager profile, you can get detailed information on any player simply by double-clicking on his name and viewing the player profile window.

And if you run a Diamond Mind league or play in one, the stats transfer tools will make your life a whole lot easier. Simple menu commands enable the commissioner to distribute league databases and for league managers to install those databases, play games, and export the resulting game accounts and transactions back to the commissioner.

Many Diamond Mind customers like to play a series of big-league seasons. They may be part of a league that carries rosters forward from year to year, or perhaps they enjoy recreating a period of baseball history using our Classic and Deluxe Past Seasons. You can import completed DMB seasons into an encyclopedia. When those seasons have been loaded, you can generate a wide variety of reports, include a full set of DMB single-season reports and several new multi-season options such as career batting and pitching registers and career leaderboards.

With Diamond Mind Baseball, you get all of these features plus tools to install new season database, player photos, migrate leagues from one season to the next, convert season databases from earlier versions of the game, and a game engine that has been hailed by reviewers and customers as the leader in realism and statistical accuracy.

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