What's New and Different in DMB V11


Introducing Diamond Mind Version 11

This page summarizes the most significant additions and changes in version 11.  We strongly recommend that you spend some time reviewing this page in order to learn more details about the new and improved features.

Player images.  DMB V11 will now have the capability of displaying player pictures on the DMB game screen as well as the Player Profile Page.



Imagine Sports, Inc. (“Imagine Sports” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide a new feature that allows you to upload any image to represent a player in the game.  Due to copyright and trademark laws, the Company cannot provide pictures that contain player images or team logos or other copyrighted images, nor can Imagine Sports direct you to any repositories or databases of player images that may exist.  You may upload any picture or image to represent or symbolize a player, and any such use may be allowable under “Fair Use” and other legal concepts of non-commercial use.  However, Imagine Sports is not responsible if your use of any image constitutes a violation of trademark or copyright laws of the United States of America or any other nation or jurisdiction, and you assume the risk of any such use.  

Diamond Mind Baseball is a product, copyright and trademark of Imagine Sports, Inc.

Playing games

Expanded play-by-play. As part of our effort to add more variety to the play-by-play library, new play-by-play descriptions have been added.

Player Nicknames. Player nicknames can now be loaded into the active database.

Pitcher Profiles. Pitcher profiles can now be loaded into the active database.


New playoff Format. A new Play-Off structure will now accommodate up to eight (8) player teams per League.

MLB Style Play-Off Format. The current MLB style Play-Off format will be available in Leagues.

Byes.  In the League Play-Off structure, "byes" can now be scheduled.

Manager Profiles

Manager Profile Generator. When auto-generating saved lineups and pitching charts, the manager profile generator will now include an option to consider only those players who are active on the roster.


Updated historical player information. The master era and player files have been updated to include seasons up to 2013.


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