Roster Management


Managing Your Roster

As you move through your season, you can use the roster management and manager profile window to send players to the farm and call them up, move them on and off the disabled list, release players, sign free agents, and make other moves.

The roster window uses color to distinguish the players who are on the active roster, the reserve roster and the disabled list. To make a move, simply right-click on the name of the player, then choose from the commands on the popup menu that appears.

Version 11 Roster Management 

The other tabs make it easy for you to set up the manager profile that guides the computer manager in games that you do not play yourself. Using these tabs, you can set your starting rotation, relief roles, starting lineups versus left- and right-handed pitchers, platoons, defensive replacements, utility roles, manager tendencies, and player-specific tendencies. These can be updated at any time during the season.

Selected DMB seasons come with every real-life roster move and an option to play or autoplay those seasons using the actual game-by-game starting lineups and day-to-day rosters. When you use one of these seasons, and when you choose the option (one of the settings for a league) to use the real-life transactions, the status of each player changes automatically as you move through the season.

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