Past Projection Season-ZiPS-2016

Past Projection Season-ZiPS-2016
Product Description
The Past Projection Season-ZiPS-2016 includes three (3) DMB databases;


1).  ZIPS Opening Day Projection
2).  ZIPS Mid-Season
3).  Playoff databases.


The ZIPS databases include projected team rosters; the 2016 schedule; projected statistics and ratings for over 2000 players generated using Dan Szymborski's ZiPS (sZymborski Projection System) projection system, including many top prospects; and manager profiles set up with rotations, lineups, and depth charts representing our assessment of how the players were projected to be used during the 2016 season.

With the 2016 download, we will be making the product dynamic – we will update the player projections around the All-Star Break to reflect performance in the season to that point and projected through the remainder of the season.  At the end of the season, we update them again for the playoff teams.

Available in V11 format only.

$ 14.95