Downloading Park Images

How To Download a Park Image

Diamond Mind Baseball stores park image files in a folder called parks that is contained within the main DMB folder. The DMB game is normally installed into a folder called dmb12 on your C: drive (though you can change this during installation), so the parks folder can often be found at C:\dmb12\parks.

To begin using these park images with your season disks, you'll need to do two basic things:

  1. Download the park images you want and put them into the parks folder
  2. Use the DMB Organizer window to assign images

These actions are described in the next two sections of this page. Links allowing you to select files for download are at the bottom of this page.

Downloading a Park Image File

Further down on this page is a list of park images that are available for download. If you click on the name of a park, your browser will display a download page. Click the Download Now button to download the image file to your computer.

After the image file is downloaded, you can copy the file into the folder where DMB stores the park images. If you accepted the suggested location when you installed Diamond Mind Baseball, that would be C:\dmb12\parks. If you changed the suggested location when you installed the game, choose that location instead.

For your convenience, we have also provided the option to download a group of park files as a single ZIP file. After you have downloaded the ZIP file, you can use any ZIP-compatible utility to extract the park image files and place them into your parks folder. If you are not familiar with using ZIP files, you can download the image files one at a time.

Using the Organizer to assign images to parks

When you modify a park through the Organizer window, DMB displays a popup window with four pages of park information. On the second page is a drop-down list box showing the name of image file currently assigned to that park. If you click on the down-arrow to open up that list box, you'll see the names of every image file currently residing in the parks folder. If you downloaded new image files into that folder, you can now select one of those new files to assign that image to the park you are modifying. Press OK to save the updated park information.

Image files for the 2023 season

New! Citi Field (citifield2023.jpg, 44.5 KB)

New! Comerica Park (comerica2023.jpg, 46.4 KB)

New! Rogers Centre (rogers2023.jpg, 46.0 KB)

Image files for the 2022 season

Oriole Park at Camden Yards (camden2022.jpg, 38.8 KB)

Image files for the 2021 season

TD Ballpark (tdballpark2021.jpg, 45.9 KB)

Image files for historical seasons

Cleveland Municipal Stadium 1932 (municipal1932.jpg, 49.1 KB)

Cleveland Municipal Stadium 1947 (municipal1947.jpg, 41.8 KB)

Cleveland Municipal Stadium 1948 (municipal1948.jpg, 41.8 KB)

Errors and omissions

All of these diagrams are drawn to scale based on the information in our historical ballparks database. In addition, we have done our best to find accurate park diagrams and photographs to use as the basis for constructing these images.

For some historical parks, however, it is not easy to find such materials, so it's possible that some of these images aren't exactly right. If you have information that would help us make any of these images more accurate, please contact us at