1919 Deluxe Past Season with transactions and lineups

1919 Deluxe Past Season with transactions and lineups
Product Description

In 1919, the Cincinnati Reds clinched their first National League pennant, propelled by the dominant pitching of Dutch Ruether and Hod Eller. Over in the American League, the star-studded Chicago White Sox, led by the exceptional hitting of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and the masterful pitching of Eddie Cicotte, stormed to the pennant. The season's climax came with a dramatic and contentious World Series, forever tainted by the Black Sox Scandal. Eight White Sox players, including Jackson and Cicotte, were later accused of conspiring with gamblers to throw the Series, leading to a stunning and scandalous defeat by the Reds. This infamous event cast a dark cloud over baseball, forever changing the sport's history.

The 1919 Deluxe Past Season database contains everything you need to play games using teams and players from the 1919 season.

This all-new database represents DMB's initial venture into the Deadball era, meticulously crafted with advanced tools and integrating the latest statistical data from the most current online resources.

Database contents:

  • basic player facts: names, batting and throwing hands, birthdates
  • official batting and pitching statistics, including left/right splits
  • fielding statistics by position
  • games started at each position against left- and right-handed pitchers
  • thousands of player ratings that you can see: injury, bunting, range, running, throwing, and so on
  • thousands more player ratings that you can't see: the event tables and pitch-by-pitch ratings that make the game produce accurate results
  • opening day rosters for every team, plus more than 600 real-life transactions
  • manager profiles for every team, including starting rotations, bullpen roles, saved lineups, depth charts, manager and player tendencies
  • ballpark data, including dimensions, park factors, and weather ratings
  • the original (as-scheduled) and as-played schedules for the season
  • real-life starting lineups for every game played this season

Compatibility and Pricing:

The 1919 Deluxe Past Season database is available exclusively in version 12 format, priced at $24.95. This means it can only be installed with Diamond Mind Baseball: Version 12 and is not compatible with earlier versions of the game.

** Important Note ** This season database is a companion product for the Diamond Mind Baseball version 12 game. To use this database, you must also have Diamond Mind Baseball version 12. The game software provides you with all of the tools you need to play simulated games, make roster moves, produce dozens of statistical reports, generate league schedules, and more >>

Date first available: June 21, 2024

$ 24.95