Diamond Mind Baseball Game- Version 11

Product Description

Diamond Mind Baseball is a strategy-oriented baseball game for Windows. The basic game comes with 12 great teams of the past (ATG2), and includes all of the features you need to play highly-realistic baseball games using real players, generate statistical reports, create your own leagues, draft players onto new rosters, and more.

New Features In DMB V11!

Expanded play-by-play.  As part of our effort to add more variety to the play-by-play library, new play-by-play descriptions have been added.

Player Nicknames.  Player nicknames can now be loaded into the active database.

Pitcher Profiles.  Pitcher profiles can now be loaded into the active database.

New playoff Format. A new Play-Off structure will now accommodate up to eight (8) player teams per League.

MLB Style Play-Off Format. The current MLB style Play-Off format will be available in Leagues.

Byes.  In the League Play-Off structure, "byes" can now be scheduled.

Manager Profile Generator. When auto-generating saved lineups and pitching charts, the manager profile generator will now include an option to consider only those players who are active on the roster.

Updated historical info. The master era and player files have been updated to include seasons up to 2013 Version 11 runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 including 64-bit editions. You'll need a minimum of 32 MB of memory, 40 MB of available hard disk space, and a display capable of  256 colors at 640x480 resolution (16-bit color and 800-600 or highter resolution is recommended). Each single season, complete with player ratings and a full set of real-life and simulated statistics, can be stored in 2-3 MB of additional hard disk space. More disk space is needed if you choose to store game-by-game statistics, boxscores, and scoresheets for your simulated games.

$ 29.95

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