DMB Version 11 with 2017 Annual Season Database Bundle

Diamond Mind Baseball: V11 Bundle with 2014 Annual Season Database
Product Description

The Diamond Mind Baseball version 11 game bundled with the 2017 Annual Season database.

With Diamond Mind Baseball, you can choose your starting pitcher and batting order, then make all the decisions about when to bunt, hit and run, bring the infield in, change pitchers, pinch hit and more. Play with real-life rosters or set up an entirely new league with your own teams, then release players into free agency, conduct a pre-season draft and play out the season. Match wits with the computer manager or a human opponent, either face-to-face or over the internet. Quickly autoplay all or part of a season. Generate dozens of statistical reports, including boxscores and play-by-play scoresheets, either individually or as part of a complete website of linked pages. You can even create your own players.

Some of the new features introduced in Version 11 include:

  • Expanded play-by-play:
    • Pitchers can now be coded for the types of pitches they throw and for their pitching style, which will be reflected in the play-by-play.
    • Player nicknames, which will automatically be added to your seasons when you convert them to Version 11, will appear in the commentary.
    • You can enter the name of a manager for each team that will also be included in the play-by-play.
  • A customizable Playing Time Limitation System to discourage overuse of a player.  When the playing time limits system is enabled, a player's performance will be penalized if he is overused. A great feature for league play with usage limitations!
  • Set the Weather. Specify weather conditions for any particular day of the season.
  • Check Scheduled Starting Pitchers. During a game, you'll have the ability to check the scheduled starting pitchers for the next four days.
  • Boxscores, standings, roster and substitution screens have been expanded and enhanced to include more statistical information.

Version 11 runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 including 64-bit editions. You'll need a minimum of 32 MB of memory, 40 MB of available hard disk space, and a display capable of  256 colors at 640x480 resolution (16-bit color and 800-600 or higher resolution is recommended). Each single season, complete with player ratings and a full set of real-life and simulated statistics, can be stored in 2-3 MB of additional hard disk space. More disk space is needed if you choose to store game-by-game statistics, boxscores, and scoresheets for your simulated games.

Version 11 is backwards compatible with Diamond Mind season installation files in version 10 and version 9 format. When you install a version 10 or version 9 season using the game's Install season disk command, DMB will automatically convert the season database to version 11 format during the installation process.

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