Historic Ballpark Database Update Now Available!


An update to the Historic Ballpark Database is now available for download from the Diamond Mind website. The updated database now includes all parks in use through the 2016 season. In addition, we have updated a number of seasons so that the statistical park factors for all years from 1944 to the present are based on our analysis of play-by-play data. You can learn more about the ballpark database here.

Registered owners of the ballpark database are eligible to receive the updated edition for free. All customers who purchased the Historic Ballpark Database in the past two years have been sent a notification email that includes information about the update and a new link to allow you to download a copy of the updated installation file. If you have not received the update email, you can contact us directly at dmb_info@imaginesports.com to request your free update.

Note: We have added a number of new and renamed image files to our collection of ballpark diagrams. These image files are available for free download from the Park Images page on the Diamond Mind website.

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  • David Pyke